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Criminal Thinking Reform



At Fierce Fellows, we understand criminal thinking, as well as the reasons for it. However, in stating this, we understand just because you think on impulse you do not have to act upon it. 


As Social Scientists -"Although we Empathize with persons, and situational issues that could induce or lead to some types of criminal behavior, we do not Condone or Tolerate it". Dr. Regan


We fight injustices and deal with abuses, criminality, and economic suppression through education. Allow the Fierce Fellows to support you!

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Prison Reform, Justice Reform and Community Reentry


Education is the key to bringing information to the forefront about the issues of incarceration. The goal therefore is to bring proactive education into play before crime occurs. The goal of Fierce Fellows to provide that proactive education before issues occur leading to crime and lengthy incarceration periods. 


At Fierce Fellows we do understand that there is a need for policing and incarceration however these processes do need to be scrutinized to make sure incarcerations lengths fit the crime, unfair abuses are not tolerated, as well as rehabilitation, education, and opportunity is provided for those who seek to better themselves. 


*REMEMBER: To sit in jail or prison and not learn anything should be a crime.*


The focus should be to get out and do better, not to get out and repeat the same offenses or worse.

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