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R.E.F.O.R.M, L.I.F.E, and the R.E.A.D.Y Workforce Curriculums can be purchased by simply clicking the Books For Sale button below, linking you to book publishers to order all your educational materials.

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R.E.A.D.Y- Responsible / Engaged / Able / Dutiful / You is a supplemental work booklet that provides over 60 pages of information to help prepare individuals to be workforce ready. Information inside the booklet includes a sample resume, a letter of explanation, a budget chart, and other useful information to not only help individuals obtain employment but retain it. 

"Get ready for gainful employment and recognize your value as a law-abiding citizen".

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L.I.F.E – Living In Fact-Based Education (Crimes, Fines, and Consequences) curriculum was designed as a critical thinking proactive guide to help individuals avoid potential pitfalls that can lead to incarceration. The objective of the material is to provide a proactive visual learning strategy in the form of educational legal charts that give credence to the length of time an individual can serve if they are accused or commit a crime. 

"The only book you'll ever need to stay out of jail and prison!"

Reform-Final Final Cover.jpg

R.E.F.O.R.M.- Researched Evidence-Based Formulated Objective Realistic Material is the premiere life skills educational guide. Great for youth ages 13 to adults of any age. It is designated as a proactive and reentry curriculum and guide. It is a great proactive tool for youth and adults to navigate through situations that can be self-destructive or lead to incarceration. 

"Recognize behaviors that will keep you away from your goals and lead to disaster with R.E.F.O.R.M"


"For less than $250 dollars have access to information that will help you avoid detrimental behaviors, dangerous situations, as well as keep you out of incarceration".

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