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The Seven Points of Change


Zeb S. Regan, III, Ph.D. is the founder of Fierce Fellows LLC, a for-profit curriculum development, consultation, and think-tank firm operating in North Carolina and Florida. He began his educational journey at North Carolina Central University (NCCU) before transferring and completing his Bachelor of Arts degree in English at North Carolina Agricultural and Technical University (A&T). He earned his Master’s degree in Psychology from the University of Phoenix and a Doctor of Philosophy (Human Services) from Walden University.

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Dr. Regan's focus on social science and behavior has been concentrated with his development of the Behavioral Dependency Reversal (BDR) process which uses six critical components to change negative behaviors effectively. Through years of working with individuals in juvenile detentions, group homes, and correctional facilities, his goal has been to create an instructional, counseling process that would help to alleviate behavioral issues that keep individuals from maximizing their full potential. Prior to starting his own firm, his research was gathered in treatment organizations, and through teaching collegiate courses in psychology. 


In addition to these experiences, he performed counseling duties through contracts with the Florida Department of Children and Families, the Florida Department of Corrections, and the Orange County Jail, in Florida. He has more than twenty years of experience working with individuals as young as five years old to adulthood with maladaptive behaviors. 


Improper education regarding lifestyle choices and a lack of understanding of consequences of breaking the law are the biggest adversaries for the Fierce Fellows. Our take on these issues is to provide more accessible education, and support to everyone. Our goal is to provide support to all individuals especially the impoverished, neglected, and abused. 


The focus is to promote educational programming that guides individuals to avoiding incarceration of any kind and lengthy prison sentences. Keep in mind.....Some people need to go to jail and prison. However, we want to separate the evil from the misguided, the notion of "fast money" becomes a fleeting thought as we become more educated and realize that crime does not "pay” long term education does.  


The goal of our organization is to teach and counsel to understand the intricacies of choices to avoid pitfalls that lead to costly life mistakes.


The objective of these curriculums are to provide real life scenarios and situations as a guide to effectively avoid the following situations:


1. The pitfalls of conflicts with law enforcement


2. Dealing with conflicts in relationships appropriately


3. Dealing with abusive situations


4. Anger management


5. Knowledge of the crimes and consequences by state


6. Knowledge of sexual education and the joy, pain, and responsibilities associated with it


7. Information pertinent to protecting yourself and your loved ones against incarceration.

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