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Educating the Community


Provided in the subsequent pages are links to information from the CDC - Center for Disease Control. This information is to help guide you into becoming more knowledgeable about Sexually Transmitted Diseases STD's) and how to protect you and your family. Just click on the CDC-STD-Links tab. Just go to the more tab above and use the drop box to click on these important informational links.


The importance of family togetherness is a very important goal within the Fierce Fellows Coterie. Information provided focuses on improving and strengthen family relationships which ultimately makes the individual, the family unit, and the community stronger.

The youth are the future. The provision of education, support, and guidance are the key to these individuals growing and having a successful life. The position of Fierce Fellows is that life skills training is just as important as math, science, or history. Education on abuse of any kind, the dangers of explicit drug use, addiction, and conflict resolution are pertinent to an individual's success.

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