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Break the Chains of Ignorance

The Fierce Fellows syndicate are the ferocious proactive change agents oppose to ignorance and reactive warriors against abuse. Our mission is to proactively make changes to detrimental behavior as associated with haphazard life skills, substandard education, drugs, incarceration, poverty, issues with justice reform, and mental health concerns. 


Our strategy is to break down information to the molecular level to ensure that a lack of understanding is not a concept. The men and women of Fierce Fellows dedicate their lives to the service of supporting the community by "fighting" the ignorance that makes the community feeble and weak.

        Fierce Fellows


Fierce Fellows LLC is a for-profit consultation, book /curricula development, think tank, and counseling firm dedicated to providing support services to various contract providers. The firm provides criminal reform, re-entry, and life skills curriculums as well as work as vendors to teach classes. 


Our books /curricula are designed to enhance the understanding of the community around us in layman terms. The need for academic, vocational, legal understanding, and life skills education should always be a priority when it comes to workforce and economic stability. The ability to support yourself and family lends to a stronger community devoid of crime and poverty. 


Join the Fierce Fellows Think Tank


Help us in our effort to build a stronger community through critical thinking, analysis of the laws, and proactive education.


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